Camp Nanowrimo Day 2

Blog Your Book in 30 DaysYesterday was a really productive day!  While not hitting my daily goal for the second day, I did out do the my output from the day before by reaching a little over 1500 words.  Not bad for my first crack at this, if I do say so myself!

The most difficult part for me, really, is trying to figure out the best approach.  I started out on day one by outlining my idea, and then starting to write this in order.  I found, though, that after completing the writing for the day I didn’t want to start where I had planned on starting.

So yesterday, I just sat down and started writing a scene (as opposed to a specific chapter or part of a chapter) and wrote until the scene felt completed.  This felt much more natural, as I now have a piece of the story that I can plug-in where I want…be it a stand alone chapter or just a piece of one.

There was a lot of dialog in this one and, while it felt natural to me, I do think I need to focus more on story telling at times.  After all, the characters can’t just walk around thinking or describing everything, can they?

Here is a tidbit from yesterday:

Megan walked in the door, and placed her purse and keys on the extra chair in the kitchen, where she usually placed them. The keys slipped off of the chair and on to the floor with a clatter.

“Honey, is that you?”, Mark called from the bedroom. “That was quick.”

Megan stood transfixed, staring at the keys on the floor. She was numb inside, despite the raging storm of emotions going on, disbelief and rage vying for supremacy. Slowly, she shifted her gaze to the bedroom door. Surely there was another answer. However, there was only one way to find out.


Megan slowly walked toward the bedroom.

So…on to today’s writing!

Have a happy!!!


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